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Comments from recent clients


Pete Sommer & Son with their experience crew "rocked it out" at Bahrs Landing Famous Seafood Restaurant saving our 120 year old structure. Originally built as a two story boat house, our main floor structure needed to be lifted and replaced. After Sandy slammed into her and years of settling she needed some attention. Pete had a delicate touch with the "old girl" which became what he and his crew called our building here on the waterfront. Replacing two giant wood beams with two 50 ' steel I beams and also replacing all floor joist with heavier more solid wood required speed and skill. All done during harsh winter conditions they finished the job in remarkable time (15 days). And all while not breaking any windows on the upper floors of the restaurant. Our new Dockside Room now has higher head room 10", more windows, and we went from eight lolly columns to two brick & steel piers giving a much more open feel. Best yet our main dining floors are now level and the "old girl" is no longer feeling like it is about to slide into the Shrewsbury River! 


Thanks again Pete & Crew!- 


While our home is in the final stage of the elevation, we wanted to thank you Pete Sommer House Lifter NJ and your staff for everything throughout this process. Your company NJ House Lifter has met and exceeded all of our expectations and continues support of all our needs.


As you know we have met with many elevations companies and found House Lifter NJ to be much more reliable and professional. Your company has met all of our appointments and meetings up to the start of the elevation. 


Once again, thank you so much for everything

Terri & David

We never knew who Pete Sommer was until Hurricane Sandy. Within a week we contacted Pete about raising our home. He was the first person we called and we interviewed 6 other people who advertised to be "House Lifters". 

Pete & Jay Kennedy (Mason) came to our home, took measurements and explained to us what needed to be done. Our home was on a concrete slab, therefore requiring a new sub floor once the house was raised. We contracted Pete & Jay in December with a start date of April 15th. Pete told us that our landscape and lawn would have minimal if any damage because they do everything manually.


We were back in our home in five weeks! No damage to our property. Pete put in a new sub floor and Jay Kennedy did all the mason work. We were extremely pleased that we had Jay do the decorative mason work to finish our home so it did not look lifted. We would also like to note that we had very minimal cracks in any of the walls after the lift and that is because they made sure our home was properly secured. 


We cannot thank Pete, Pete, Jr., Dennis & Jay for all their hard work, professionalism and honesty in bringing our home back to normal. They treated our home as if it was their own. We are very grateful.



My Husband and I got the 3 estimates like our agent told us to do, but it didn't matter. We had our minds made up after the meeting with Pete Sommer. He showed us his whole plan and took his time and answered all of our questions. Our house was completed while we lived in it. Our yard was kept very clean during the entire phase of lifting our home and put cleaned up after like nothing was even done. I can not give enough praise to Pete Sommer and his crew from House Lifter NJ. They really made a nightmare situation into a dream...


Mr. & Mrs. Miller

Pete Sommer lifted my house and I recommend him highly! I am a first time home owner whose house was swamped in Sandy. I talked to and checked out many lifters afterwards before someone who had lived in the town for decades recommended Pete. Wow! Pete is the kind of "seen it all" experienced professional you so rarely find anymore. He is a whirl of activity and drive to get the job done and done right - almost like a good hurricane! If you are like I was, lifting scares you - you don't know what is involved and are afraid of being over-billed as a result; you are afraid of things going wrong; you don't know who is for real and who just got into the business since the last storm. Hire Pete and set your mind at ease. Experienced, hardworking, honest, driven, careful - and affordably priced! What else could you ask for?


I wouldn't choose a house lifter based on price, but I was more than pleased with the very reasonable price charged by Pete Sommer and Jay Kennedy. For me, reliability and experience were my main criteria when making a choice for a house lifter. Pete had a very good reputation with town people that I trusted and he has stood up to the test. I was most amazed at how smoothly the house went up. Just amazing!


Pete was very good at communicating and staying on top of the project as we got all of the paperwork maneuvered through the town. I am grateful for the professionalism of Pete's team. There was plenty of hard work but everyone was smiling and friendly throughout the process.

Bill C

While most lifters walked away from my house because it was difficult (terracotta block) Pete took it on and was the most reasonably priced. He worked the job himself with his crew, he didn't farm out the work like most lifters do. He was so thorough, so meticulous, it was great. I highly recommend Pete Sommers. Couple that with the amazing block work by Jay Kennedy and you have a winning team!


Let us know about your experience with Pete Sommer House Lifter

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