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Family owned and operated, Pete Sommer House Lifter has been providing residential structure solutions to Monmouth County, New Jersey for over 40 years. Pete Sommer is well known for his house raising expert strategies to produce quality solutions for the toughest challenges in Monmouth County.  All work is performed by the owner, Pete Sommer, as well as his son, Pete Jr. Unlike other house lifters, Pete Sommer handles every aspect of the job with his all-American workers. You will never need to hire other contractors - Pete and his crew take care of everything!


Safety First

Our company has a zero-incident record, that's over 40 years incident free! 


I focus on ensuring that your house lift is executed to the highest standards.  I proudly put my name on every lift because my name means quality, safety, and care. My state of the art equipment combined with decades of experience will let you feel at ease that your home will receive the best care possible. No job is a rush job; we take our time to make sure it's done right.



Fully Insured

Pete Sommer House Lifter carries all required insurance policies that are needed to protect your home.  In addition, we also carry Riggers and Carters insurance to make sure all aspects of your house lifting and moving are fully covered.  Your peace of mind is my number 1 priority!


I can lift your house while framing an addition underneath. We can double your living space!


Our Lifting Services include:

House Lifting | Floor Lifting | Roof Lifting | Foundation Lifting


I can add decades to your family home. We can even dig a basement without lifting your home at all. 


Our Foundation Services include:

House Leveling | Foundation Removal | Foundation Replacement | New Concrete Floors | FEMA-Proof Flood Vents | French Drains


Peter Sommer House Lifter has the newest unified hydraulic jacking systems.


The unified hydraulic jacking system allows each jack to receive an equal volume of hydraulic oil, no matter the weight or pressure, to raise your structure perfectly level from start to finish without cracking or distorting your structure in the process.

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